Full Name: Kevin Dela Peña
Birthday: January 31 1993
Age: 19
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Mother: Rebecca dela Peña
Father: Edwin dela Peña
Siblings: I have 2 brothers, 2 sister (im the third one)
Hair Color: Dark
Hair Length: Medium Length
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'4
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Greatest Fear: Fall out of Love
Greatest Weakness: Myself
Worst Habit: Snoring

(( DO YOU... ))
Wear Glasses: Before
Wear Contacts: Yes
Have Any Tattoos: Yes
Have Any Piercings: Tongue pierce
Smoke: Occasionally
Drink: Occasionally
Love Anyone: Absolutely
Forgive Easily: It depends
Have Any Addictions: A lot
Like to Read: Nah
Like to Write: Nah

(( CAN YOU... ))
Drive Good: No
Drive a Stick: No
Roll Your Tongue: No
Dance: A bit
Sing: Outrageously
Play an Instrument: Yes
Swim: Yes
Do the Motorcycle: Yes

(( HAVE YOU EVER... ))
Been in Love: Many times
Kissed in the Rain: Yes
Rode a Four-Wheeler: No
Rode a Horse: No
Been Cheated On: Yes huhu
Cheated on a Test: Honestly Yes
Gone Camping: Yes
Gone Hunting: No
Gone Fishing: Yes
Been to a Race: Yes
Stayed Up All Night: Many times
Skipped School: yes
Broke a Bone: no
Had Stitches: No
Had an X-Ray: Yes
Been in a Wreck: Yes, once
Wanted Someone You Couldn't Have: yes
Told Someone What You Really Thought About Them: yes, many times

Color: Green, Brown
Food: Anything na masarap
Number: Any
Band/Singer: Foreign bands and singers.
Song: Anything in the 80's and 90's
Movie: Anything interesting
Book: Anything interesting
Magazine: Not really interested in magazines
Car: Mazda, Ford
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate, Cookies and Cream
Animal: Snakes, Crocodiles, Lion, Horse

Hugs or Kisses: Both
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Summer or Winter: Winter
Hot or Cold: Cold
Day or Night: Night
Love or Money: Money
Looks or Personality: Personality
Rock or Rap: Rock
Country or Rap: Country
Country Boy or Pretty Boy: Country Boy
Dogs or Cats: Cats
Romantic Night In or Wild Night Out: both

1st July 2013

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#Ebooks #iBooks #BeautifulCreatures #BeautifulDarkness #BeautifulChaos #HungerGames #CatchingFire #MockingJay #FiftyShadesOfGrey #FiftyShadesDarker #FiftyShadesFreed #eBookWorm (at BarKaps)

#Ebooks #iBooks #BeautifulCreatures #BeautifulDarkness #BeautifulChaos #HungerGames #CatchingFire #MockingJay #FiftyShadesOfGrey #FiftyShadesDarker #FiftyShadesFreed #eBookWorm (at BarKaps)

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